Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sunflower Field Mini Sessions 

It just so happened that one day I turned left out of my plat instead of right... I never go this way but today was different. My son, Connor, and I noticed there were thousands of gorgeous yellow sunflowers in a field blooming. There is honestly no better way to start the fall season. I decided to grab my camera and start photographing some wonderful little mini sessions.

❤  Equipment & Settings
  • Nikon camera 
  • Images are captured in RAW 
  • ISO settings were 100-400
  • Lenses 50mm & a 18-105mm

Photographed over several days during Golden Hour. All images were captured with the natural light. First day we photographed Connor at sunrise and sunset. Second day we photographed Julie at sunrise. The goal was to capture the dramatic and endless depth of sky. The sunrise and sunset coloring of the sky against the warmth of Autumn are some of my favorites.
Clothing choices for this session was inspired to emphasize cool color tones against the warm color tones. Also wanted texture to offer a cozy sense of Autumn season upon us. The light leaks in images were welcome and playing with depth of field was pure joy!

These four images are just a few favorites. We enjoyed the mornings with yummy pancakes. Julie coming over was an extra treat of quality time. I am thankful for these beautiful blooms - it is not very common to see fields of sunflowers, let alone to have them so close to home.
To stop the rushes of the day and be part of something beautiful is  cherished. These images represented beauty life has to offer. It was the choice to stop and take a moment to feel what something in nature has to offer.

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